City +++ Anti Pollution Repairing Night Moisturiser 30ml

Our Anti Pollution Protecting Night Moisturiser is high-tech anti-ageing and anti-pollution moisturiser that works to deeply nourish, smoothen and protect the skin from environmental pollution that our skin faces daily. Contains 2 anti-pollution active ingredients that are designed to fight against visible and invisible pollution such as heavy metal particles and blue light irradiation emitted by screens. It also contains Retinol one of the most well known anti-ageing ingredients that smoothen the look of fine lines and wrinkles and boost skin rejuvenation.
Key ingredients:
1) Marrubio plant – award winning anti-pollution ingredient that aims to detoxify and neutralize pollutants as well as boost skins own natural detoxification and defense system. It is also high in anti-oxidants that fight against free radical stress and provides protection against blue light irradiation.
2) Retinol - one of the most well known anti-ageing ingredients is also known as Vitamin A aims to promote regeneration within the skin, reduce the visibility of wrinkles and brighten dull or ageing skin.
3) Glycerin & Globularia Cordifolia callys culture extract – is high-tech stem cell based anti-aging bodyguard. Produced by plant cell culture, it aims to boosts skin’s ability to fight against pro-aging agents and toxins in order to restore natural skin glow.

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